Amazon Kindle Unlimited Program

Over the course of this past year Amazon has rolled out what they call the Kindle Unlimited Program for e-books. The program offers readers who read a lot of e-books to subscribe to a program for $9.99 a month and they get to read a book a month no matter what the cost. From a readers point of view it can be a good deal if you are a veracious reader but for the occasional reader who only buys a few books a year its not worth the money. Depending on the type of books you like to read the cost still might not add up though. If you are a fan of shorter books and not necessarily the best sellers all the time then you might be the type of person who only buys a 3.99 book every month. If this is the case then the Unlimited program would not benefit you. There are many books on Amazon for .99 cents as well so if you are the penny pinching type you may also not be the ideal person for the program.

The other thing to consider when thinking about the program is if you want to be all in on the Amazon family. With options pouring from every place imaginable these days you have many options as to where you get your books from. Google Play Books, Apple Books, Oyster, and Scribed are all viable options when purchasing books as well as many other smaller sized companies. While the Amazon Kindle store has an app for Android and Apple devices as well as their own Kindle e-reader, Kindle Fire tablets and Amazon Fire phone the Amazon platform still may not be your cup of tea. Companies like Oyster and Scribd also offer a subscription service for books like Amazon that are even cheaper options depending on the company you choose.

I don't mean to sound like I am against what Amazon is doing in any way and I actually love the service. When you pair the service with a e-reader or one of the fire devices that Amazon offers it is actually a smooth flawless hand in hand partnered masterpiece that they have created by having the ability to download a purchase along with many other extras on their own devices. I used the service but since then have moved on to Oyster which I currently use as I love the simplicity of their layout on their website and apps. They are also $9.99 but have a slightly smaller selection of books compared to Amazon. Scribbd witch at the time of this writing offers their service for $8.99 Has an equal selection of books if not more and gives Amazon a run for their money in price.

The only other feature that Amazon has over the other companies is the audio versions of their books that can be read by your device for free. The only downside I have found is that the audio is not of a human reading but a very lie like robot that does a pretty good job. It is nothing to difficult to listen to as I can never follow what the robots from Google Now and Siri say for very long but it is bearable. I would not rely on the dictate features of the application as it can urk you in a weird way hearing an unhuman like voice reading for long periods of time and make it difficult to comprehend what is being read.

All in all I give Amazon a 9 out of 10 for their service compared to the others with them falling shortly behind. If you have been thinking of any of these services they all let you try them for free or 30 days so you can hop around and find which one you like the best before settling. I plan on going back to Amazon's service soon but before I do I will continue to try out all of the other services out there that are available to give a review on. Which subscription book service is your favorite? Leave you answers in the comments below.