Drake's new mixtape "If your reading this it's too late" with download

Anyone who is a Drake fan is going crazy right now over the sneaky release of "If You're Reading
This It's Too Late". Thursday night drake pulled a Beyonce and came out of nowhere with a mixtape that took everyone by surprise. With the way the industry is now this may be the new way to release music because of the leaking that tends to occur but don't get it crooked, this is not Drake's Senior album this is merely a mix tape. Once you start listening to it it feels much more than that though. This album feels more like a half ass album and I mean that in the best way possible.

Even though its our boy Drake it's not something you are use to hearing. This is the closest thing he has done that could be considered an all rap album but you know Drake. Like he said before, he wont ever do a all rap album, that's just not his style. But who would blame him? After all the reason we love Drake so much is because of his style and how he can blend the singing aspect so well into the rap.

Most controversially is the lyrical ammunition Drake is packing on this album. With aledged shots being taken at everyone from Jay-Z, Kanye West, Kindric Lamar and even his own family Tyga and Cash money records. Billboard.com has broken down the shots song by song if you wanna see exactly what was said here.

Much like Lil Wayne's "Sorry for the wait 2" , "If your reading this its too late" is something too keep Drake fans happy until his forth studio album is finished. This could eaither be a way to stay relavent and to take over the news feeds or a sign that we might not get the next oficial studio album too soon from him. Either way you wanna take it Drake fans are eating it up, as you can tell by the new direction Drake is taking his lyrical skills and how he is constantly improving his style.

Listen to the full mixtape on spotify or you can download the torrent below.

Spotify link to album here!