1 Handy tip for kindle ebook marketing

If you are like me and you are publishing your books on Amazon Kindle it can be difficult at times to even give away your book for free depending on your category you are writing in. Nothing is more disheartening than when you hit publish on Amazon and you offer your book for free or 5 days and then you still are not seeing the downloads you want.

We all know that by offering your book for free right of the bat for 5 days is the best marketing strategy that Amazon simply gives us to help us succeed. But what happens when you don't even get people to download your book or free? Well I have a great tip for you guys to start using if you don't already.

After your book goes for free go to the order page on amazon and you will see the share buttons off to the side. Click the twitter button to share it on twitter through your connected twitter account and put "#FreeEbook" or "FreeKindleBook". I think of all the variations I could do with the hashtag and I keep posting it. I do this for as many keywords with a hashtag in front that I can think of so that the free book promoter accounts on Twitter will pick it up organically by searching for it when they are looking for free books to promote on their Twitter account.

You might think thats it but I take it a step further and I look up all the Twitter accounts that are dedicated to promoting free Ebooks and I send them a tweet with the link to my free book so that they will hopefully pick it up and tweet it out. I do this to every Twitter Ebook promoter account I can find and in fact to make it all a whole lot easier I have them all in a list that you can make on twitter where you can classify specific accounts that you follow into a specific category that you can have public or private.

I hope this quick tip has given you an idea of how to boost promotion to your free Amazon Kindle books and if you have any questions or suggestions please leave them in the comment section below.

While we are at it I wouldn't mind if you could go to one of my newly released books and give me a great 5 star review if you have the time. The book is free at the time of this writing but you can always leave a review even if you dont want to buy it down the road once it goes paid.

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