A Simple Blog That Makes Me Money Online With Little Effort

a simple blog that makes me money online with little effort

With the economy in its most uncertain state it has ever been, even though professional analysts are saying it is getting better, everyone at some point or another has had either a job scare or have been let go in the past 5 years from their job. I too have had to deal with the job loss and looking for a new job problem. Well about 4 years ago I stumbled onto a great marketing technique that was making me about $1,000 dollars a month but the only problem was that it was a little bit grey hat as far as online marketing goes and I was using the affiliate commission site Commission Junction to do it and I ended up loosing my affiliation through the advertiser I was making the money through because the practices I was doing were against their terms of use.

Well here we are 5 years later and I am back at it but this time I am being one hundred percent ethical about it and it is slowly trickling in some money for me. It will not make me rich by any means but it is just another piece to the pie of my online income.

I created basically a blank page blog like a squeeze page with a piece of code that found the users city location through their IP address and told them that there were jobs available in their area by scanning a job site that I am affiliated with and that I get 1 to 5 dollar leads through by users signing up with their resume and information. Once they sign up I get my money for the lead I have sent them to my C.J. account and I am paid monthly.

I can't reveal my exact code and how I do it but I just told you the basics. If you know anything about blogs and affiliate marketing you will be able to figure out what I did. In fact this is nothing new really. Many sites do what I am doing in some form or another I have just twisted it to fit the job niche.

Just wanted to share this inspiring idea with you to inspire those of you who are trying to find ways to make a living online. Good luck with all you ventures and if you have any questions please leave them in the comment section below.