Do you want a free book?

After being available for pre-order for nearly 5 days my book "40 Green Smoothie Recipes for Weight Loss" is now available for free on Amazon. I am currently offering the book free of charge for 5 days (3/2/15-3/6/15) March 2, 2015 through March 6, 2015 on the Amazon Kindle Ebook store.

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After the free sales promotion ends the book will go on sale for $2.99 for good. If you are reading this past the free offer don't worry. I am willing to still give you a free copy if you are willing to leave me a great review. The reviews that I receive can greatly influence other customers to buy my book when they read them so I cherish the reviews that you can leave me because of their support for my longevity of sales on the store.

I will be posting my other two books that will also be for free the first 5 days of their release so be sure to check back for these updates.

As a writer of Ebooks, reviews and good feed back are the blood that brings my books to life and helps them breath. Without consumers hitting those 5 stars after a purchase it is like not buying the entire book. Leaving a review is part of the book buying process and writers like me depend on you doing so. If you buy books on the internet especially from Amazon, remember that reviewing your product and giving a rating can effect our sales as writers and be what makes or breaks our profits which we depend on to make a living. If your job depended on you receiving good feedback from customers you would be doing everything in your power to enhance your earning potential wouldn't you? Well thats all us writers are asking for, honest feedback.

So please pick up a copy of my book and leave me a great review to help a writer out with his career. My income depends on you!