First day of Amazon book sales

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If you read my last blog post about my book that I released, I offered it free or the first 5 days like everyone in the kindle ebook community suggest and yesterday was the first day my book actually went on sale for $2.99.

I did a little bit of marketing and promoting but nothing near what some people. My marketing strategy was simple. I went to Facebook and told everyone that knows me about my book and told them it was or free and that I was in desperate need o some reviews. Even though I asked for reviews I noticed that I only got about 4 reviews and one was because I asked my brother to do it or me. If you look at how many copies I gave away for free compared to the amount of reviews I got it was devastating to say the least. I even made the last page of my book dedicated to asking for a review and hardly anyone would do it. I dont know if the people who downloaded didn't read till the end or if they just got it because it was free and never read it. I can't believe how many people don't bother with a review, especially when you give your book away for free averaging 3,000 copies a day that people are putting on their e-readers.

Aside from my angry rant about how people don't leave enough reviews to their authors on Amazon I do have many other great things to say.

Like I said yesterday was my first day selling my book or actual money and I managed to sell 48 copies the first day. On top of that for some reason I still had people borrowing the book through the Kindle Owners Lending Library which gives a little kick back from the pool of money that they make for monthly subscription readers and Prime members. I dont know the exact math at how to find how much you make or this but it was a fraction of what an average book goes for.

What puzzles me is why these people are borrowing the book when it is free! I will not complain though, because by doing this they allowed me to make even more money. When I checked my books profits I made $91.07 for the day! Not bad for a first time author on his first day hu? I know that the sales are never that consistent on Amazon, especially when you only have one book but I already have several more finished.

My plan was to dominate my niche like all the Kindle marketers online suggest and that is what I planed from the start. I came into this business with the mind set that one is not enough and that I need to make as many book as I possibly cane in my area of expertise.

I think I will keep these blog post about my book sales and ongoing topic for a week so that I can show you all what the first week o sales are like for a self published author so you can get an idea of what to expect if you are venturing out on the same path that I am.

This can be a great way to make a living but you have to treat this just as you would any other ob and then some. I you are not dedicated and you don't want to do any marketing or promotion no matter how small it is, I advise you not to get into this business. But for someone who loves to write and has made this their new means of income

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