My New Book I Wrote "40 Green Smoothie Recipes for Weight Loss" Now Available For Pre-order

About a year ago I took a trip to California to see my brother and amongst all o the fun we had he got me into drink a smoothie with him every morning. He is really into eating healthy and I have always liked smoothies and making them here and there but I guess I never gave it a lot of thought as part of my daily routine. After I came back to Georgia I started making them a lot and then I kind of just forgot about them like most people do with a new diet or things that they are trying to do for health reasons. 

Well around October of 2014 I just went for it after making some personal life changes and I began blending them up every single day. I keep a entire tropicale grocery store like inventory in my freezer and refrigerator, depending weather or not frozen or refrigerated was on sale, at all times. I had made the commitment and the ear piercing sound of the blender blades chopping up frozen strawberries and blueberries along with ice and many other ingredients at 5:45 in the morning was my proof, day in and day out.

Around December my mother gave me a Ninja blender for Christmas as a gift and she couldn't have been more spot on. I now use this thing sometimes twice a day like I work at Smoothie King or something.

As I got more and more into blending up a healthy morning dose of vitamins and minerals in a cup as I was out the door I began taking my brother's advice and slowly started adding more and more vegetables to my drinks. At first it was fruit and whole milk only for me because I wanted those things to be like a treat but now I am using unsweetened Almond mild and blending all sorts of veggies into it and doesn't even bother me any more like it did at first. My smoothies are even intentionally green some days and I love them.

I guess what I am getting at is I found by drinking these smoothies now for almost 5 months, I feel great and it gives me a bit of satisfaction knowing how healthy I am now eating or drinking however you want to look at it. This new way of life led me to looking for all types of recipes to mix things up since I have been at this so long and I began to compile a list of some smoothies that I would come across that I liked. Well this list grew and grew until I was on the internet doing some web design and I heard about a guy talking about self publishing a recipe book on the Amazon Kindle store. This intrigued me because I already am heavily involved with internet marketing and web design and the first thing I can ever remember liking about school was writing when I was younger. In fact I won several awards and wrote many great poems as a child. I grew up keeping journals here and there and always writing things down to keep a track of so when I thought of the idea that I could put all my recipes together and create a book I loved the idea. In fact I felt that there was no deciding to do it at all, I knew I was going to write a book of recipes for smoothies and so I did.

The book is my first attempt and it may not be perfect but hey, I loved every second of it and I will continue to create more smoothie books because of the volume of recipes that I have.  It is up for pre-order right now and it will go live tomorrow for sale. When I say sale I mean free! Yes I am offering the book for free for the first 5 days of its release because Amazon just lets you do cool things like that. I am trying to get the word out about it so I can give it out to people for free during this first 5 days. If you miss your opportunity to get it for free and you have read this blog post I will give you a free copy no matter when you are reading this because I want to show my gratitude for you reading my blog.

I would like to ask everyone to please leave me a great review and rate me 5 stars on Amazon. This will allow more people to see it on the site because the more reviews it gets the more Amazon thinks it is relevant and will suggest it to other customers, thus giving me the ability to sell more copies and make a living at doing this. Ultimately this would be a dream job for me and if I could make a living at doing this I would make me so happy. Even if you don't want to read it please leave me a rating or review for it, and if you cant do that all I ask is for everyone who is reading this blog post to just share it once on face book by linking to it or hitting the share button at the bottom of this post to your favorite social network. 

Please let me know what you think of it if you have purchased it in the comments below. If you have no intention of getting a copy I would just like to thank you for reading my blog. Every set of eyeballs helps!