Planning Your Book's Release Date With Amazon Free Book Promotion

Amazon Kindle Free Book Promotion

     If you are a publisher and you are new to the Amazon publishing routine there is something you should keep in mind before you publish your book. If you are trying to plan a free book promotion right from the start you need to give yourself enough time in between the day you publish and the day you offer your free promotion in order to get it to start on the day you want.

Because Amazon has to review and publish updates to or for your book, you must wait what, Amazon says 12 hours, before anything you have published or updated has gone live on their website. You can not offer your book for free the second it goes live on Amazon. What you must do is publish your book or update to an existing book and wait for it to go live on the site for customers to purchase first. Then you can list your book for free for the duration and days that you would like with 5 being the limit every 90 days.

If you think about this a moment and you are trying to have your book go free on the site starting on a specific day then you need to give yourself a day in advanced to upload it so that Amazon can approve it. Then you can list it for free, and that will take another 12 hours before it is live on the site.

So if I wanted to make my book free for 5 days starting Monday soon as I published it to Amazon. I would need to upload my book at 12:00a.m. Sunday and soon as it goes live I would then set up a free book promotion for 5 days at 12:00p.m. By doing this the book will go free on the site starting at 12:00a.m. Monday.

Sometimes Amazon does do things faster than usual but the maximum length of time these actions take are typically 12 hours.

I hope this gave you publishers out there a heads up on planning your free promotions right from the start with a new book on Amazon Kindle, or even if you are only making an update and then a free promotion on an existing book you already have.

This is one of those tips that you usually have to learn the hard way when you first start out as a Amazon Kindle e-book publisher so I  am passing the knowledge on to the newbies.

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