Share and Promote your Amazon Kindle E-book Blazingly Fast

If you are familiar with publishing your e-books on Amazon's Kindle platform then you are always looking for new ways to promote them more effectively and most of all fast.

Everyone knows that soon as you hit that yellow publish button your brain is overtaken by where are you going to start promoting your book. There are thousands of ways to go about this but this blog post is not focused on telling you about the next hottest place to plug your book. What I want to show you is a technique for using Amazon's sharing capabilities right from your books sales page. I know what you're thinking, those are no brainer places that everyone goes to to share their book soon as they publish it but I want to show you a new way of using it so that you can get 50% of your marketing done right from the book's order page.

When you look at the share buttons under the area where you purchase the book on Amazon's order page for your book on the right hand side you will see the area as shown in the picture above. Here you will see a envelope icon for your email, Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest icons. If you don't immediately start using these once your book is live you need to start. I will show you how to maximize their potential to the fullest so you dont have to have 20 tabs open on your browser for promotion.


First lets look at the email icon. Depending on your preferred method of emailing, your browser should automatically take you to which ever method you have predetermined as your way of emailing when you click on a mailto: link within your browser. You may use Outlook, Firebird, or a cloud based email service like Gmail, Yahoo, or Hotmail. No matter what you use you can use the function of this email sharing capability in all of them.

When you click on the icon your mail service will pop up and you can send a link to this order page for your recipients to check out. Now depending on how involved you are in your online business you can choose to send this link to your entire mailing list all at once right from Amazon's sale page if you choose to. This will save you time from having to go to your service providers website and set up a new email for your list and allow you to move on to other promotion methods more quickly.

If you do not have a list don't worry. Simply chose a group of recipients in your email client to receive your email. If you don't have a group of recipients that you can mail promotional material and links to you can easily set this up in your email provider and come back to this promotional method later. If this email sharing link does not pertain to you that much or you simply just want to email a few people you can type all recipients in the To: field and send out your email quickly and move on.

If you do not have a email list of people you can market to I highly suggest starting one now so that you can take advantage of this opportunity later in the future.


Next to the email icon you will see the Facebook icon. I know you may be thinking that I am crazy for telling you how to send a share out on Facebook to your book but there is more to this feature than just clicking share and moving on.

Personal/Author pages

What you first want to do is do a basic share to your page as a status update so that all your friends and followers will see this but you can go about even the simplest way of sharing two ways. If you have a personal Facebook account you can use that and/or your author page on Facebook, or your fan page. If you are publishing several books under a specific pen name it is good to set up a Author Facebook page for each one so that you can post these types of updates to or if you simply use your real name as your author name just use that and don't worry about the official author page for Facebook. I will say that when you have an official author page it makes you look more professional and it will also allow you to post under this name several times very often so that you can keep all of your promotional updates off of your personal Facebook page if you choose to. Some people don't want to spam their personal Facebook page with promotional links and this is understandable.

You may be going by a pen name that you don't want associated to your personal Facebook page and by creating this official author page you keep only the eyes that you want on your marketing for your book.

If you have multiple pages that you manage you may want to post these links to all of them. It all depends on your situation.

On a friends timeline

If you click on the drop down menu you will see that you have other options as well as to where you can post the link. Next you will see it says on a friends timeline. Here you can chose a friends page that you can post this to so that you may get support from him/her to help you with your promotional efforts and also friends of your friend will see your post gaining you exposure and allowing you to have more eyes on your book.

As of the time of this posting the sharing to a friends timeline does not let you post to multiple friends time lines at one time but I will update this blog post if that ever happens.

In a group

Your next option in the drop down menu is to select in a group. Once you choose this you can then select from another drop down menu as to which group you want to post to. If you haven't done so already you will want to join as many groups before hand on Facebook that your book will be easily marketable to. My book is a smoothie recipe book for runners so I joined several smoothie and runner groups on Facebook. I select the Facebook sharing button on Amazon and then share in a group and I go through each group sharing in all of them that I think my book is appropriate for. I also share in Amazon review exchange groups so that others will leave me reviews and I will also later in return go to these groups and return the favor for other group members.

In a private message

Lastly you have the option of posting in a private message. This is where you can add multiple Facebook friends as recipients of your message so that they can all check out your book. This may be your best option if you want everyone to see it because sometimes on a status update or in a group it can go overlooked if someone is not online at that time or Facebook algorithms do not show your post to others.


Remember to make all of your post public post so that anyone on the Internet can see them for maximum exposure.

Jake Rhodes Twitter account


Next lets look at the Twitter sharing icon. When you click this icon it allows you to share your books link on your Twitter account and it preloaded a tweet with your books title highlighted so you can change this if you would like.

What you want to do here is first post the prewritten tweet that Amazon creates for you. Next you want to keep clicking the Twitter icon and change your tweet each time with different hash tags in it so that your tweets can be found by various searches.

What I usually do is post several tweets with hash tag keywords like #free, #ebook, #amazon, #kindle, #freebook #freekindlebook in various combinations. Follow free ebook give away twitter accounts and tweet their name in the tweet as well so maybe they will pick up your book and tweet it out. I had a free ebook promotional company tweet out my book and I had over 5,000 downloads that day right from the first day. This can be a powerful tool so try putting your own twist on it and see what you can come up with, this is just what I do.

Jake Rhodes Pinterest Account


Lastly we have the Pinterest icon to share with. When you click this you can choose the board you would like to post to. If you don't use pinterest you should start now. By creating boards for different types of things you allow yourself to be able to pin anything in any category. I have several boards on different types of smoothies since my book is a smoothie recipe book. I go to all my different smoothie boards and I pin my book to each one. There are also opportunities to think outside the box here. Because my smoothie recipe book is for runners I have a board for runners diet, health, and exercise. Each one of my boards has hundreds of people following it so they all see my pins as soon as I pin them. Since different people follow different boards I post my book over and over to all the different ones that it can apply to. 

Recipes books are a great thing to post since the majority of Pinterest users are female and the majority of females in the U.S. cook more than men.

Put some thought to your book and where it can fit in and pin it to your boards. This approach will only help if you have established boards that people are following. If you don't use Pinterest start now. Many people overlook the power of this social network but it can drive some serious traffic if done correctly.

I hope this overview has helped give you some ideas of how to share your book to more people faster than ever right from the start. This is only a few methods of promotion but it is the most widely used and if done like I explained it can make up for 50% of your traffic to your book.

There are many other sites dedicated to getting the word out about your book, this is just the beginning at taking advantage of Amazon's social tools right from your books page for intermediate book promoters and authors. Good luck and if you have any questions or comments please leave them in the comment section at the bottom. Happy promoting everyone!