Smoothie Recipe Cookbooks Are Selling Great

After releasing my three previous books and marketing them and then seeing the sales I made on the first day o the books going on sale I have become convinced that I will be the dominating author in my neiche.

Since seeing how good my sales were I have attacked the market with my smoothie recipe books. I am hitting all kinds of sub topics with my books like diet smoothie recipes, fruit smoothies, meal replacement smoothies, kids smoothies, palo smoothies, green smoothies, diabetic smoothies and many more.

From what I have been learning through all this book marketing I have been studying is that you pick a topic or genre and you buckle down and attack it to become the highest most authoritative figure in the neiche. Everything seems to be going great and I am averaging about 1 book per day and things are going as planned. I offer my books or free right off the bat so it will be a few weeks to really be able to tell how well around 10 books being released back to back is doing.

I have decided that I will try my best to do about 15 to 20 books per category on Amazon. I am on 8 so far and I might stop at 10 with this one I am not sure yet but I feel that I am running out of sub topics but I might keep going depending on weather I can find more sub topics to tap in on.

If you would like to check out my books and help me out by leaving me a review please do so. I need every review I can get because it can be difficult to get them.

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