Smoothies for Runners

smoothies for runners

If you are a runner you know that your diet is just as important to your body as the actual physical activity you get from running. Specific combinations of foods cause one another to react interdependantly of one another in the body causing a chemical reaction to promote bone strength, energy and various other results of eating a proper diet of healthy foods.

If you are committed to your running and I mean truly committed to the point where you run religiously then you are always trying to improve your overall health and diet. Smoothies have been one of those dieting secret formulas now for some time as to how we can get all the foods we need into one simple glass and make them taste good with various fruits and vegetable combinations.

The book "Smoothies for Runners" gives runners those combinations of powerful cell rejuvenating foods that they need to build a healthy body as they deplete their bodies of what they need every time they run. With great smoothie recipes like the "Post-Run Recovery Smoothie" you can fortify your body of everything you lose when running. I personally like the "Runners Breakfast Smoothie" so that I can start my day with the vitamins and nutrients that I need to face my extensive run later in the day.

If you have not got into the smoothie craze its worth trying. You get to drink delicious smoothie recipes that are all natural, low in calories and fat, and 100% good for you. They help you get what your body needs to recover and prepare for physical activities but it does not have to be limited to running. These smoothies are great for people who workout or just want to stay healthy and consume all natural foods in a tasty way. No matter what your reason you can't go wrong when drinking smoothies. I personally like this book because it is so simple and you cant mess these recipes up. There are no complicated ingredients or instructions here. Even if you don't know how to make a smoothie you can easily learn the ropes in under 5 minutes.

I recommend this book to anyone who lives a physical lifestyle.

Try this great recipe after a run to recover:

Recovery Smoothie

smoothies for runners

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