Wireless Bluetooth 4.0 Music Stereo Universal Headset Headphone Vibration Neckband Style

I have been using these bluetooth headphones for 3 months now so I felt it was time to give my full review of what I think about them. After going from a more expensive pair of the LG version I decided to try out the cheap 10-20 dollar models and see what the difference was. I just couldn't see myself spending another 50 bucks on a pair of headphones that I would just be rough on all over again and end up tearing up.


Music- When listening to music I would give these headphones a 8.5 out of 10. I say this because overall I didn't have any major problems with the headphones. Every once and a while they would cut out just a little bit when transferring my phone to my back pocket but this could be due to my phone. I am running a hacked Amazon Fire Phone with Android 5.0 on it. This could have some part of this breaking up issue.

I experienced great sound quality and could not tell a difference in sound from my 50 dollar LG versions. The bass on these was awesome when listening to music. I felt like I was at a concert and felt totally submerged, they did a great job of this. When a call came through they let me hit one button on them and then I was talking to my caller. As soon as I hung up the music started playing again within 3 seconds. No problems with the transferring of music to call and back to music.

Talking- I was even working outside near some loud lawnmowers and when I was on the phone I could still hear my caller and they could hear me with the headset drowning out the background noise pretty darn good. I was surprised here when this happened and that's what made me think these were a good buy.


So far these have held up for me, and I am rough on my headphones! The parts did not seem to be cheaply made even though they were an off brand. The buttons seem to be working great and have plenty of a raised feeling to find where to press. This is something I was concerned about. Sometimes some models don't have raised enough buttons but these are doing great for me.

I sweat a lot when I work and that is when I wear these the most and I have had no issue with them shorting out because of moisture. I even dropped them in the toilet and they seemed to work fine when I quickly pulled them out and dried them out so that is impressive to me.


I like plain black but these come in every color of the rainbow if you decide you like to mix it up. At the price they are at you could even buy 5 of them for every color outfit you have to go with. My girlfriend wanted a pair after seeing how much I love mine and I got her a pink pair which she loves. They have plenty of colors for the ladies if you want some bright colors.

Overall I give them a 8.5 like I said. Nothing will blow you away but they are a great pair of headphones that will hold up and will definitely not break the bank. I highly recommend them if you have been looking for a popular style of Bluetooth headphones. Check them out on Amazon. They run from 9-20 bucks depending on color and model. They support Bluetooth 4.0 and are backwards compatable with 3.0.

Here is the link to check them out on Amazon.