Reselling on Ebay and Amazon from a Beginner's Perspective

Being a internet Entrepreneur is not as easy as a lot of people may think from the outside looking in so I am always looking for more ways to increase my cash flow. In my years of experience I have gone from Adsense, to Commission junction through websites and email marketing, Clickbank products which I could never sale, to other backbone staples of e commerce like Ebay and Amazon.

After my Adsense account got shut down and Commission junction said I could not use my links the way I was using them I was back to being a beginner all over again. The other advertising company's that compete with Google don't even come close to the money Google can earn you but all in all your not going to get rich with adsense unless you have a major website with 100,000 visitors a month or more.

I have bounced from one thing to another much like any other online entrepreneur desperately seeking that solid source of income so that I can quit my day job. What I have noticed is this about myself. The two times I have been laid of from different jobs I was making 500-1,000 per month but within 2-3 months each time I got let go from my jobs. I was hungry for cash, desperate for anything to work, and I ate slept and breathed the online world of making money every waking second of the day and you know what? Only then have I ever made a substantial amount of money. What does this all mean and what am I getting to? Well its pretty obvious, unless you can devote massive amounts of time I see it to be a extremely slow climb if you ever make money online at all. The reason you hear all these people becoming successful online is because they were backed into a corner and had to start fighting for their life to survive because the job market in America is not what it use to be.