Try it all and make a living online (The top 12 things that make me money and that you should try too.)

I think like many people that want to be their own boss I had it in my head that that's what I wanted to do but I really had no idea how to go about making it happen. Ever since I graduated from my Tech College years ago with an internet specialist/website design diploma, I knew my future was the internet and making money through the use of the computer but that's about all I knew. I realized I was sorry as hell at working for people trying to create difficult and at times off the wall site functionality just because the owner wanted a specific feature, not to mention that PHP and Javascript coding was like pulling teeth to me. What I wanted to do was create something that was simple in theory and I wanted to replicate that process over and over and that was how I wanted to make a living, but what the hell does that even mean? At the time I had no idea but I knew that I was good at getting started, figuring out how to set things up and then put systems in place but I did not want to continuously maintain these types of activities because it was the process of learning them and getting started that I loved. This characteristic was what lead me to trying so many things and starting so many things much like this blog/website. I love to write in theory but I hate to sit down and do it for a few hours. 

Getting started on new things has never been my problem and in fact it has actually been my weakness at times because I want to know just enough to get started and then I find myself hitting walls when I don't know what to do next. All in all I found what I was good at and what I liked to do from countless sites and profiles and accounts and doing various things like this. I may see, vague in what I am talking about but its the processes of learning and setting things up that I am good at, I know this now. This has led me down so many roads from a financial stand point because I have to make some type of living with all the things I do. 

From writing kindle books, to creating blogs with advertising and driving traffic to them and utilizing Googles world of marketing utilities like Adwords and Adsense I have been able to find out how people truly make money online. This lead me to small trickles of income that have grown over time. Since these traditional ways of making money online were done and set up, the persona I am was not satisfied and wanted to continuously find new things to get into and to set up and make money from to support myself in this world of online income by finding what I am good at. I have recently come into the world of physical goods and selling online and I love it. I feel it is the perfect mixture of work for me because I get to physically do something and set the sales processes up online and market them. I first started with Ebay, then Amazon, then I linked my Ebay account to Bonanza which gives me more eyeballs on my stuff and then I moved on to Etsy for vintage and handmade things I might want to sell. I now do all o these thing continuously and have even started doing freelance work on sites like Fiver and Odesk.

If you are like I was and don't know what you want to do online but you know you want to make money via the internet and work by your own rules and pace then try these things. Let me break down a simple to read list of all things you should try to see what really excites you and see what you may have an interest in to follow your financial dreams.

Online income methods:

1. Set up blogs or websites with adsense and offers from advertisement sites like Commission junction and continuously post content to these sites/blogs to get traffic from google. Use adwords once you have built up your site and it has some age and you have offers for things you make a commission on.

2. In conjunction with #1 sign up for Amazon affiliate program and put things from Amazon that have something to do with what your blog or site is about to earn a commission.

3. Kind of like #2 find a Clickbank offer on And create what is called a squeeze page and drive people to it and earn a commission from programs and books.

4.If you make things you could sell start a site on and sell the things you make.

5. Much like #4 set up an Ebay account and start selling things you don't need anymore around the house. Once you have sold everything you don't want and if you like it, start going to thrift stores like Goodwill and yard sales, buy some from there and then flip it on Ebay for profit.

6. Amazon - Like Ebay you can sell stuff on Amazon as well. If you create a pro account and sell from their warehouse which is called Amazon FBA, you will be able to make even more money. Go to stores like Walmart, Target, Walgreen's and all other big box stores. Download the Amazon seller app and use the bar code scanning tool to scan bar codes of things on clearance or on sale and check the price difference. If it goes for enough on Amazon to make a profit buy the hell out of the product and send them in. (THIS WAS A VERY VAGUE EXPLANATION OF THE AMAZON FBA PROGRAM AND THERE IS WAY MORE TO IT THAN THIS.)

7. Now that you know where to get stuff to sell, set up an account on all the other selling websites like, Bonanza, Etsy, and any others you can find and either sync your merchandise or list different stuff to sell even more.

8. Go to all the freelance sites like Fiver, Odesk, and places like that and look what others are doing and offer something you know how to do for a price and make money.

9. This is a big one but research how to write books in Microsoft Word and then format them for all the eBook platforms, mainly Amazon though because this is where people go for books. You can get set up on Sites like Lulu, Nook, B&N and many others, just Google that shit.

10. Once you have figured out the whole book thing record yourself reading them or hire someone to do so and offer it on ACX, Amazons audio book site, look it up, look or other sites to upload to as well, your books will be put on Audible by Amazon so look at other sites as well.

11. Figure out, or hire someone to format your books you write for Create Space. This is Amazons print on demand service that will allow you to offer your book as a physical coppy on their site. There are also a few other sites that do this that will sync your book to other sites as well.

12. Make a shitload of YouTube videos and earn money off them through Adsense which I mentioned above.

There are other ways but this was a very brief explanation of all the things I do online to make money. You dont have to do them all and any one could make you a full time income it just depends on what you want to do. If you have no clue as to what you want to do, I suggest you go through them all and try them all one by one. If you are pressed for cash and need money now then focus on the ones that you can be paid through almost immediately and focus on those but still try and do them all at the same time. You keep it all up consistently and I guarantee you will be making a full time living online. Find what works or you and do the hell out o it non stop.

I know I didn't go to deep into everything but this is the internet, Google that shit!. This was just to show you of how a guy like me can have no idea what to do and just start doing it all and make a living. The point o all this is I have given you some of the top ways people make a living online these days right here. If you don't want to try any of these then go get a job.


Jake Rhodes