Citrus Berry Infused Water Recipe (With Video)

When I am not working online for a living I love to read and implement new healthy eating, drinking, and exercise practises into my life. I am always all over Pinterest looking for clean organic recipes that I can try out but what I realized is among all of the recipes out there not a lot of focus is put on what we drink. I am not saying you can not find similar recipes in much more eye catching ways then mine I just think we need more recipes and information out there about the liquids we drink and put into our body. In fact I think in some instances drinking water is a little bit more important than food in some ways. Why you ask? Because we can go days with only water in our bodies. Food does not have the same reciprocal properties unless you only eat juicy fruits for days to survive. This is just my theory of how I look at it but none the less plain old water can get boring if you drink it all the time. I have turned into a water fanatic ever since I started drinking a gallon a day, (more on that in a later blog post) but I still crave flavor a lot.

I started out like most people would by putting lemon in my water for both flavor and health benefits that it has. Lemon is great for cleansing your system out, neutralizing bad breath, and giving you a healthy dose of vitamin C, especially if you use the Meyer Lemons, they have more than traditional lemons do. There was one thing that stood out to me when I started researching lemon water and the health benefits. If I could add lemon to my water what else could I add that was natural and healthy. I stumbled across all types of recipes on Pinterest and across the Internet and even found a water bottle for doing just that. Its called a infuser. You can buy just the infuser that holds fruit in a plastic container with holes that you stick down in your water bottle so that you don't drink seeds and pulp, or you can buy a bottle with it built in or that comes with one that simply sits down in there. Click here to check out all the awesome and inexpensive water bottles with infused on Amazon that I found. I got mine for about $15 dollars but you can go cheaper or more high end if you prefer. The stand alone plastic containers with holes are the cheapest but they cant fit through the mouth opening of every bottle that is why I suggest just buying a bottle with it built in so you don't have to worry about if it fits.

So with all that said, on to the recipe. Assuming you have a infuser water bottle lets move on to what you need.


1/4 Lemon (I use Meyer Lemons because of the high Vitamin C levels)
2 small strawberries (You may have to cut them and the other ingredients depending on the size of your infuser and bottle.)
1/2 a handful of blueberries
3 cubes of Mango


Squeeze the lemons into the bottle first then put them in your infuser.
Put the rest of the fruit in the infuser outside of the water bottle then once its all in there drop it down into the bottle.
Proceed to fill a 16-20 ounce bottle the rest of the way with your preferred type of water.
Close the lid and shake.

As you see it is very simple and you can mix up the ingredients of any type of fruit you want. I like to buy frozen fruit already cut up in the bag. This way it serves 2 purposes. You can use it like ice cubes to keep the water cold and as it thaws out you have an ice cream like consistency you can munch on for a healthy snack!

I hope you enjoyed this recipe. Make sure you do what feels right to you and use the fruits you like. Once again you can pick up a infuser water bottle here on Amazon at many price points. If you have a great recipe I would love to hear from you in the comment section below.

Thanks and have a great day!