Making Beats With Reason - Beat 1

I have decided to start a new video series on my YouTube channel titled "Making Beats With Reason". In this series I will basically be sitting down in front of my DAW and just start working on the fly without any type of concept of what I will be making. The song may turn out to be total crap or it may turn out to be one of my greatest masterpieces that I have ever created. The point to all of this is not only allow me to practice my skill but to show other aspiring beat makers out there that you just got to sit down and see what comes out that day. Sometimes you will amaze yourself and other times you may realize areas you need to improve on. I have been using the reason program now for 15 years and I still don't utilize 80% of its capabilities, mainly because of my style of song writing but for the most part I have never taken the time to learn things that I never needed to use. This just goes to show you that are hundreds of different ways to use the Reason program and that really there is no wrong way.

By recording my song writing sessions I hope you get a glimpse of how an experienced user uses the program for making essentially glorified rap beats. You may still notice that sometimes I am lazy and it looks like I have no idea what I am doing, other times you may be asking yourself how the hell did he do that or saying, I had no idea you could do that. The level of skill in my song making really depends on how I feel that day.

With all that said here is the beat that I have created first. To me it was a lazy first attempt because I just was not in the zone that day, not to mention I still wanted to put it out to show other beat makers you don't have to be perfect and everything is not going to be a smash hit. Just stay the coarse and perfect your craft and most of all make sure you have fun along the way doing it.



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