How I Make Money on YouTube Without Showing My Face

How I Make Money on YouTube Without Showing My Face

Have you ever wondered how people make money on YouTube without showing their face? I did too until one day I realized channels on YouTube that create meditation music videos and nature sounds videos were able to get millions of subscribers. Yes, that's right millions. In fact most of the popular channels I researched in the meditation music and nature sounds niche had at least hundreds of thousands of subscribers. If you know anything about YouTube you know that those channels are making a full time income.

Since I have been creating music for years on my computer I knew instantly that all I would have to do is create some meditation songs which are very easy to create, and then put some video and pictures with them to create videos. Now I know the average person can not create music so I also want to tell you what I would have done even if I was not a musician. I will break down the steps so you see how my mind put this puzzle of easy to create videos together. 


Since I already knew how to create music I knew all that I would have to do would be to create meditation songs with my DAW. There are many Free music programs out there like BandLab if you feel like you are musically inclined where you could potentially create your own meditation songs and it would not take that long to figure out how to do it. But if you do not know how to create music you can hire someone on Fiverr for $5 a song or you can get royalty free music from free music websites. I don't really like the free royalty free music websites because it is very hard to find a good collection of free meditation songs that don't want you to end up paying something. If you're willing to invest a little more money I would suggest for those who do not know how to create music to create a StoryBlocks account which is a website that  you pay a membership for and you can download as much video, pictures, and audio that you want and need for your YouTube videos. The website was created for creators on YouTube so everything is safe to use. Their cheapest plan is $30 but that only gets you about 4 downloads a month. To really be able to take advantage of it you would need to opt-in to their $50 tier which gives you unlimited video, music, and picture downloads. I know this can be a lot of money but if you are serious about creating a YouTube channel that you can make a living from this is a good investment. 

Once you know where and how to get your music the next thing to do is get some pictures and/or videos to put with the music to create videos.


Like I mentioned above Storyblocks has video pictures and music for you to use in your videos. Potentially you can use Storyblocks for all of your music, pictures and your videos. But if you're trying to go the free route, one of the best places to get high quality pictures and videos that are absolutely guaranteed to be free of copyright and any issues is Pexels isn't just like any other free picture and video site. All of their assets are high quality and look great. I still can't believe the high quality videos you can get on that website and you do not have to pay a thing for them. What you want to do is get as many videos as you can on the topic of your channel. Since I have a meditation music channel I typed in meditation in the search bar on the pixels website and downloaded all the videos of people meditating that I could find. After i got my videos I created a master video with my music and all the video clips from pexels that I downloaded. If you are using storyblocks, use the videos and or pictures and audio that you get from there. 


Now that you have your audio and your video clips or pictures you compile a video for YouTube. there are many free video editors that you can use, your computer or your phone/tablet might have even come with one. I make the majority of my videos on my phone and upload on the go. I tried to make the whole process as easy as possible so that it doesn't take up a lot of time and I can do other things as well. If you have an Apple device most of their computers come with a program called iMovie which is all you really need. The videos are very simple. All you do is put all your video clips one after another and add your song. Copy and paste the videos if they're not long enough for the song so that the video will end when the music does. If you use pictures just do it the same way you would do the video. Just put all the pictures one after another. The good thing about pictures is that you can stretch the time of them as long as you want them to show on the video so if you wanted to you could just have one single picture display for the whole entire video if you did not want to download multiple videos and pictures. However, I would download as many pictures and videos as you can because this makes the video more enticing and enjoyable to watch.

If you haven't already you will need to create a channel/account to upload your videos to. I created a brand new channel for my meditation music. Since I've been creating a song in about 5 minutes I tried to upload every single day. My strategy when it comes to creating multiple videos per day is that I create a 1 hour long song first. I then create a video for it, then I take the 1 hour video and chop it down into a 45-minute video, a 30-minute video, a 20-minute video, a 15-minute video, a 10 minute video, and a 5 minute video. This gets me 7 videos. One for each day of the week if I want. Since I can create multiple songs in a day and the videos are very easy to create, I try to create 7 videos a day. This will help to explode your channel as soon as you start.


I spent time setting up my YouTube channel to look as professional as I could. I used to create all my images for YouTube like the header and profile picture. I also use Canva to create all my thumbnails for my videos. If you don't have a Canva account it's free to create one. After you have your YouTube channel setup you are ready to start uploading all of your videos that you have created. If you are new to YouTube and creating videos, watch some videos explaining how to create a video with a good title, keywords, description, and tags so that you can get the most out of your SEO as you can.


Since starting the YouTube channel I have been growing about 150 subscribers a month and about 1.5k views a month. I have realized the more I upload, the more subscribers and watch time hours I end up getting over a 28 day average. Compared to other YouTube channels that I have started before I have never been able to grow a channel this fast in my past experience. I can easily see myself as one of the big channels one day with millions of subscribers based off of what I have seen over the past month. I have high expectations for this channel. I truly believe it will do very well. Nothing I have done is that groundbreaking or anything like that I think the average person could easily do what I am doing whether it be meditation music, rain sounds, nature sounds, ocean sounds, really any type of relaxing sound will do because people will always want to relax and that is why this is such a great strategy for our YouTube channel. 

I will write another post after 6 months have passed to show how far I have been able to grow the channel. If you would like to check out my channel and see how I have created it and listen to my music please consider subscribing at Balanced Meditation.

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