OMG I Deleted My Site Accidentally

I deleted everything!

I can not believe it. I was editing my site and I completely deleted everything and even the template to my website. I am still in shock. All the years I have worked on it and I have lost it all. Over the next few days I am going to try and retrieve some of my old post but I already know it's not looking good. All the links out there on the internet now link back to nothing and I am so mad at myself for doing this. Let my mistake be a warning to everyone. If you have a website or blog, keep it backed up because I didn't. I thought since it was on the cloud I was good, and I was until I completely deleted all my files and posts that were on it.

I guess I will try to look at this as a fresh start and try to hold my head high and grind out a lot of content as much as I can fast. Wish me luck and check back for new posts.

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