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after the beginning of wujiaqu city, chinese people's political consultative conference (cppcc) specialized organization part of the npc representatives and cppcc members to listen to my company on how to eliminate the xinjiang meihua odor problems after the project report, on april 10, the national people's congress standing committee organization representing odor of xinjiang company governance site visit, to further supervision, promote and promote company in xinjiang and the municipal government and relevant functional departments to do a good job of odor comprehensive treatment, continuously improve the urban air environment quality.

through on-the-spot check listen to the report, the peculiar smell of the national people's congress on behalf of the enterprise management attitude, management plan and progress have a preliminary understanding, also see the government, the corporate governance of determination and strength . the meihua in xinjiang, delegates said to the crowd's satisfaction as improvement work starting point and the foothold, shows that the enterprise is responsible, hope the meihua further refine measures in xinjiang, eventually achieve the purpose of the governance and the masses with satisfactory results.

in the second half of 2014, the company has invested 6.2 million yuan in xinjiang for exhaust gas spray washing system transformation, level 3 washing tower washing tank and modification, enhance the washing effect, exhaust smells reduce obviously, preliminary results have been achieved. in 2015 will continue to intensify the rectification, the investment of more than 8000 ten thousand yuan of new technology equipment renovation, to ensure that the final odor removal rate reached more than 80%. at present, the company has completed the odor treatment scheme, and in combination with three authoritative testing company to complete the data collection, for the design of odor treatment equipment bidding to provide reliable data to support. on february 15th, in addition to flavor equipment tendering work done, all expected to be completed before the end of june 2015, apply for examination and acceptance of environmental protection department in july.

for a long time, our company always attaches great importance to the environmental protection work, continuously strengthen the understanding of the importance of environmental management work, deal with the relationship between economic development and environmental protection, instead of the treatment after pollution misconceptions, truly economic development and the harmonious unity and sustainable development of environmental protection. aimed at the problems existing in the enterprise in the environmental protection work, formulate scientific and reasonable solution effectively, by the specialist is responsible for rectification within a time limit, realizing a complete coverage of online monitoring; to strengthen the construction of environmental protection talent army, intensify training of environmental professionals. at the same time, to ensure environmental information disclosure work, consciously accept the supervision of the government, media and citizens, to translate environmental work into effect.

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