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farmer's daily: our country becomes the world factory of amino acid product; the output of glutamic acid is world first

news (xinhua li yongsheng) on october 14, 2011 international amino acid industry innovation and development forum held in langfang city, hebei province, meihua group headquarters. reporters learned from the forum, china has become the product of amino acid "workshop of the world", glutamic acid output ranked first in the world, but not fermented powers still need to enhance technological innovation development of amino acids industry.

the forum was organized by the china fermentation industry association, meihua group and tianjin university of science and technology, with "advanced green manufacturing, innovation and development" as its theme. china fermentation industry association president shi weichen said, as the number of population, food nutrition, aquaculture, development of pharmaceutical amino acids, amino acid industry will continue to grow in the future. amino acid industry in china has a considerable size, under the guidance of the national industrial policy and, further adjustment of industrial structure of amino acids, industrial concentration to improve further.

it is understood that the current above-scale manufacturer of amino acid industry in china has reached nearly home, annual output of 44.8 billion yuan, profits and taxes of more than 5 billion yuan, become an amino acid product "world factory", occupies a prominent position in the international arena. last year, china's industrial output of more than 3 million tons of amino acids, which bulk amino acid glutamic acid and its salts 2.2 million tons, accounted for more than 70% of the world, ranking first in the world. china's annual consumption of about 1.4 million tons of amino acids, glutamate and lysine in most of them accounted for more than 95%, short amino acid market is also expanding. amino acids as food, medicines, feed additives, in food industry, agriculture, livestock, and human health, health care, cosmetics, has played an increasingly wide range of roles. taking into account the problem of national food security, encouraging green development of fermentation and relevant ministries of the state made of fermented corn appropriate control. how to deal with the impact of industrial policies to achieve diversification of raw materials, is an important task facing the development of amino acids industry.

united states georgeben-nett rice university professor lectures at the forum application of metabolic engineering in the production of amino acids. he said that with the development of genetics and biochemistry and bioengineering, has become a production of amino acids by fermentation methods. methods of microbial metabolism of amino acids, not only improves the production of fermentation products and the extraction rate, significantly reduces the consumption of raw materials, and resource utilization, increase the added value, reduce pollution and waste have achieved breakthrough results.

from tsinghua university, and nankai university, and tianjin technology university, college of scholars and meihua biological technology group corporation, and angel yeast (29.30,0.35,1.21%) corporation of technology experts on glutamic acid production bacteria gene group and gene group engineering, and amino acids near infrared technology online detection, and amino acids industrial high ammonia nitrogen wastewater processing technology research, and produced acid promote agent in amino acids fermentation in the of role, and su ammonia acid genetic engineering bacteria of building, for has exchange.

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