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meihua trehalose glaringly showed on the fic international stage


in fic 2015 shanghai international food additives and ingredients exhibition, the meihua trehalose was exhibited in front of the world. the fic exhibition received about 500 trehalose customer, 40% of them were traders, 40% were terminal customers, and 20% were the research and development institutions. especially national research and development institutions with the professional voice praised the meihua trehalose.

meihua has always been committed to the manufacturing industry: we never show ourselves without achievement, and our new achievement must have industrial leading advantages.the trehalose can shine fic international runway, since there is certainly anindustrial leading advantages.

meihua group as the pioneer of amino acid industry, showedits leading power in the fic.the large area of the stand showed our strength, and the red and white alternated style of the stand design impressed everyone; with large number of professional exhibition talents and beauties team, trehalose left with splendid appearance in fic.

trehalose has obvious effect in resistanceof starch aging, preventing protein denaturation, inhibiting fat decomposition, keeping wet and water, outstanding can make bread and western dessert more delicious, and also can keep moisture for a long time,so as to extend the shelf life;it can inhibit starch aging in rice and flour products, keep the original flavor, our country has listed it as a common food in 2014, only because of its price and supply problems it has not been able to be take full advantage in the domestic food processing is currently just added a small amount in food.we believe that with the change of the concept of health and the popularity of trehalose domestically, it will become the healthy sugar in future.

trehalose is referred to as the "sugar of life" by scientists. at present, it can only be produced by a japanese company, has long been monopolized for a long time with the high price and difficulty in supply.therefore, some customers domestic can’t purchase it. thisexcellent product has been developed in recent 20 years, there are only about 3000 tons of market demand in china, while in japan, the market capacity is up to 30000 tons.

today, we send you a good news. meihua group began to develop trehalose project from 2012.after series of small tests, pilot scale tests, we are performing the construction project for mass production now. according to the market data of recent years, this product is growing at 30% a year in china. with rising of the meihua technology and reducing in product cost, the growth will speed up dramatically, it is expected to achieve the scale of 20000-30000 tons in the next three to five years. due to the advantages of products, the customers to consult come in an endless stream, almost all of the trade agents want to distribute the trehalose, a lot of food processing enterprises have ordered on the spot, they believe the quality of meihua product, and fell more comfortable to cooperate with meihua, this famous brand.

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